Movie Review
Fight Club

Created 2004-05-28 / Edited 2004-05-28

I've enjoyed this movie each and every time I've seen it. That is saying quite a bit because I've seen it quite a few times. The funny thing is that I like it philosophically and as a work of art... but in general I am opposed to the bloody violence in most films. This movie somehow escapes my blood-o-meter.

The subtlties of the film itself are amazing. Each little bit is thought out and put in its place. From the camera angles and the light use of CGI to the subtle plot hints it is indeed a masterpiece.

Oh. And I love Edward Norton.

Besides all of the cinematography there is more to this film, however. The plot itself and the philosophy behind the main character are grabbing. Anti-materialism is certainly taken to an extreme... but I find myself identifying with the ideal. The whole thing is very eastern in nature. Beyond the naturalism is an idea of self-control and becoming in tune with the true self. The subtle zen nature of it all is profound.

You are not your job. You are not your house. You are not unique beautiful snowflakes. Attachment brings pain. Fighting (and the other activities) is an ascetic practice meant to bring about enlightenment... realizing that you do not need the things which society wants you to need. You only need yourself.

And your imaginary friend.