Created 2004-06-04 / Edited 2004-06-04

A religion/philosophy in which Gravitons are the basis of all spiritual or otherwise mysterious things -- Souls, Dark Matter, Homesickness, and the appeal of free-fall or downhill sports.

== The Graviton ==
Gravity has been an accepted phenomenon for years. Yet when Newton first introduced the idea of universal gravitation skepticism was very high. The problem was that his equations described what happens in a crude way... but they gave no indication as to ''why'' or ''how'' gravity actually works. It just works. Scientists of his day were pretty freaked out about this whole notion of "action at a distance."

But then they all died. By the next generation it was pretty much accepted and they moved on... now people don't mention "action at a distance" as being a problem at all, even though it describes something we'd normally call magical. As subatomic theories of physics continued to unravel the secrets of mother nature during the 20th century the nagging question as to the why and how of gravity began to become increasingly heard. This was mostly due to being closer and closer to an actual understanding. The closer we get the more pronounced the gap in our knowledge becomes.

Thus the concept of Graviton has become popular. A Graviton is a subatomic particle, like an electron, which is the cause of gravity. It is difficult to imagine gravitons, but the idea is that all matter emits them and thus big balls of matter emit more of them (weigh more), and that the gravitons somehow cause the attractive force of gravity.

== Beyond Gravity ==
Gravity itself is a minor role in the life of a graviton. As gravitons flow through all matter -- living, dead, dense lead, and even sponges -- it causes subtle influences which explain a lot more about our world than just gravity.

Lets start with Dark Matter. Dark matter is the missing variable which balances the total weight of the universe. Dark matter essentially gives off gravitons but is otherwise so far undetectable. Well that is because dark matter ''is'' gravitons. Once set free after the Big Bang, large amounts of gravitons filled the void of space, pushing and pulling until they spread out over everything. They, in fact, encouraged the expansion which followed the big bang... pulling things apart.

Second is the concept of soul. When a human dies their body instantly loses some weight... that is it instantly loses a significant amount of graviton-generating power. The center of a life is the soul... the gravitons which add coherence to it as a being.

== Sports ==
Gravitons play a big role in our lives. From the womb we first gain our gravitons from our mother, pulling some of hers into ourself. The influence of gravitons is felt from the moment of conception and throughout one's life. It is no wonder that once we are out in the world we wish to return home (homesickness)... our gravitons wish to return to their previous state.

Yet even gravitons feel restless. Downhill sports and skydiving put our gravitons into active use. They are able to accelerate to their full potential, and in the process bring us along. The happiest feeling in the world, some say, is the rush attained during freefall.