Comments on 2006.10.21
Tempe Alien Landing Base Construction

Created 2006-10-21 / Edited 2006-10-22

You so completely fail. You know the subject of this post is actually "People of Earth!".

-- mouset 2006-10-21 23:05 UTC

Excellent timing, my friend. I just saw that today and wondered what it was.

I was so distracted when I got over the bridge on Mill and to a red light, that I started to make a right-on-red turn and had gone one foot when the light turned green and all of the pedestrians darted out into the intersection. I slammed on my brakes immediately, but everyone honked or yelled at me, and probably didn't realize that I had started going before they did.

The center for the arts is a really unusual sight. I, like you, am surprised I hadn't heard of it or seen drawings of it beforehand.

I also notice a couple of giant cranes I didn't see earlier about halfway between University and Rio Salado. Downtown Tempe sure is growing quickly.

-- Ben 2006-10-22 00:33 UTC

You're right mandies! I fail, fail, fail... sob

Thanks Ben! It freaks me out all the time too. I had put off looking it up for too long.

-- awwaiid 2006-10-22 15:57 UTC