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59 Bacon

This is where Beth and I live in Waltham, MA.

Waltham Websites

Aerial view

Here is the path from Openratings to my house. Maps are thanks to, the Massachusetts Geographic Information System. Annotations may be added later.
Waltham City Building
Zoom out to the neighborhood
East (right) of that, the freeway exit.
East (right) of that, the intersection of Tatem Pond (east-west) with Lexington (north-south)
South (down) of that, Lexington (big road) branches to Bacon (going down the middle)
South (down) of that, more of Bacon,%20and%20distance%20to%20Main%20St.jpg
South (down) of that, our neighborhood. You can also see the 20, which is Main Street
Zoomed in on our block more. Our house is one block north of Main street, on Bacon.,%20south-east%20corner).jpg
The final zoom of our house. It is on the south-east corner of that main intersection.


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